Project Team


The project team for this effort combines the best of local, regional and national talent.  Following a twelve-month selection process, GHD Inc., working from their Santa Rosa office, was selected to lead this important assignment.  GHD has been in Sonoma County for nearly 30 years, and has worked on other complex, high-profile projects for local agencies (i.e. Geysers Recharge Pipeline Project).  GHD has also designed over 350 Roundabouts throughout the US, Canada and abroad. Assisting GHD with the effort is a wide range of consultants that bring expertise, insight and local knowledge. From the start and throughout project development, UrbanGreen,, a local urban design and sustainable strategies firm located in Healdsburg, will provide local community outreach. This process was structured to create understanding and connectivity to the unique qualities and concerns of Healdsburg throughout the process and final design Solution.


Strategic consultancy Urban Green assisted GHD with public outreach and communications until October 2017. After that, the City of Healdsburg public-information officer and outreach coordinator took over communications for the project.

  • Core Consultants will work throughout the entire project period on the design concepts, detailed design and oversight of construction.
  • Resource Consultants will assist GHD at key points in the project process with specialized expertise necessary to successfully complete the project.

Resource Consultants

  • Cinquini & Passarino – Survey and Mapping
  • Gates and Associates – Landscape Architecture
  • Associated Right of Way Services (ARWS) – Right of Way Appraisal
  • RGH Geotechnical – Geotechnical Engineering
  • STV, Inc. – Rail Engineering
  • Quincy Engineering, Inc. – Construction Phasing
  • Roundabouts USA – Rail/Roundabout Interface

Implementing the Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan