How Did We Get Here?

The Healdsburg Avenue Improvements Project provides initial implementation of the Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan (CHAP).  The CHAP is a public vision and policy document, created during 2010-2012 through an extensive community process.  Numerous public meetings, forums and workshops drew a wide base of Healdsburg residents and business owners who helped shape the final plan.  Through community input, improving the five way intersection – both its safety, capacity and image – rose to the top of the list of key actions that needed to be taken to realize the plan’s vision and unlock future potential on adjoining lands.  Following the public input process, the draft plan was approved by the Central Healdsburg Avenue Special Study Area Committee (CHASSAC) before going before review by the Planning Commission in 2012.  The Planning Commission unanimously approved the plan and recommendations for the Roundabout.  The final document was then vetted through the Environmental Review (CEQA) process which was certified in January 2014.  With CEQA clearance, the final plan was approved by the City Council by unanimous approval in June 2014.

The City of Healdsburg released an RFQ (Request for Qualifications) in February 2013 for Engineering Design and Services on the Healdsburg Avenue Improvements Project. The City subsequently interviewed qualified teams and shortlisted firms. From that list of firms proposal were requested and a team was ultimately selected for the Project. The illustration below highlights coverage area of Healdsburg Avenue Improvements.

Project Area


Implementing the Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan