Community Workshop #1 Recap

October 2nd 6:00 – 8:00pm

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How We Got Here and What We’re Doing

This session will recap the key findings and recommendations of CHAP and how it has informed this stage of work.  The lead consultant will explain the project, as well as current findings from initial analysis conducted over the summer 2014.

Community Input: Opportunities and concerns of the community will be recorded as part of our project framing.

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If you missed the Community Workshop #1 and would like to see the presentation, please click on the link below.

Community Workshop #1 Summary

First Community Workshop for Healdsburg Avenue Improvements Shares a Decade of Planning Leading up to Today’s Project.

The first community workshop to discuss the proposed Healdsburg Avenue Improvements was held on Thursday, Oct 2nd. The two-hour meeting was attended by over 40 community members and included a review of how the project came about, what scope of work will be included, and where public input is being sought to help make the project appropriate for Healdsburg.


GHD, as lead consultant for the effort, led off the meeting with an introduction of the team members. Local urban designer/ sustainability consultant Jim Heid of UrbanGreen, provided an presentation that described how the project evolved – recapping over a decade’s worth of planning and community processes that resulted in the proposed improvements including the Roundabout. Projects and community efforts cited included the 1982 RUDAT study, the 2003 Gateway Revitalization Plan, the 2009 Vision Healdsburg proposal (which led to the Central Healdsburg Avenue Special Study Area process), the 2011 General Plan Update and the 2014 Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan (CHAP). Each of these individual planning efforts highlighted the need for improving the south end of Healdsburg Avenue as a way to improve the gateway and arrival experience for coming into town, and resolve the unsafe and complicated conditions of the five way intersection at Mill Avenue / Healdsburg Avenue and Vine Street.

Bill Silva, a Principal with GHD then explained the five main components of the project – undergrounding of the overhead utilities in the area, repairs and potentially ‘daylighting’ parts of the Foss Creek culvert, upgrading of wet utilities in the area, the design and construction of the roundabout and Healdsburg Avenue streetscape improvements including a ‘road diet’ for the southern portion of the road.

Following a short question and answer period, three stations were made available to community members to attend and ask questions of the consultant team. One station focused on Design Opportunities presented by the planning and design effort, one focused on the project components and one focused on questions surrounding the roundabout.

Questions were asked about project funding, which was explained by David Mickaelian, Assistant City Manager, who explained that bond proceeds from the former Redevelopment Agency had been set aside for this project.

An exit survey, completed by half the people attending the meeting, showed the most support for the undergrounding of the overhead utilities and improvements to Foss Creek. Concerns and questions focused on how the roundabout would actually function.

The next community meeting, Roundabouts Facts and Myths will tackle the issue of roundabout functionality and why it was chosen as the preferred option to resolve the five way intersection.

The meeting will be held October 29th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Foss Creek Community Center, 1557 Healdsburg Avenue.

Community Workshop #1 Community Workshop #1

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Implementing the Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan