September 28, 2018

If you’ve driven the roundabout recently, you’ll see that roundabout is now fully functional and the project is just about complete. Here are most of the remaining items:

Landscaping: Planting has been delayed due to the composition of the soil, but it will be amended and further screened to ensure it’s ready in the coming weeks for the planting of close to 3,000 plants, shrubs and trees.

Irrigation System: This is just about complete; sprinkler heads need to be installed.

Signage: Almost all of the permanent signs, such as street signs and roundabout signage, have been erected.

Lighting: Almost all of the new streetlights have been installed around/near the roundabout and are working. The City will install several more streetlights on West Mill Street in the near future.

Redwood fences: The contractor has built redwood fences north of Singletree Café and Elephant in the Room to demarcate these properties.

Cones and flags: The orange cones at the roundabout connote drop-off areas where more dirt will be installed. The small orange flags mark the areas for landscaping. These markers will be removed in the coming weeks.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony: We’ve scheduled a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Thursday, November 15, to commemorate the completion of the roundabout.

Spring Celebration: The city will throw a much bigger shindig in the spring of 2019 to celebrate the roundabout’s completion.