August 17, 2018

Now that school is back in session, that means summer is over. That also means that the we are entering the final stage of the roundabout construction!

Here’s what will be done in the next few weeks:

  • From about 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. on Tuesday, August 21, and for about one hour on the morning of Wednesday, August 22: Southbound Healdsburg Avenue traffic, between Matheson Street and the roundabout, will be closed to vehicular traffic so the contractor can raise the manhole lids on Healdsburg Ave. and make them flush with the road surface. Please take alternate routes during these times.
  • The contractor will install permanent signage (e.g. Pedestrian Crossing, Yield, etc.)
  • The contractor will remove old road striping and pavement markers and perform final striping on Vine Street and South Healdsburg Ave.
  • There may be some road closures in the last week of August or early part of September so the contractor can microsurface the streets near the roundabout to help preserve the paved roads. We will provide more information on these road closures once we have a traffic-management plan.

Now, on to the rest of the update:

Railroad Construction
This week: A subcontractor is finishing installation of railroad equipment for future railroad-crossing arms.

Southwest Surface Improvements (S. Healdsburg Ave.)
This week: Installed the fence along the creek between Singletree Café and Elephant in the Room

Southeast Surface Improvements (S. Healdsburg Ave.)
This week: The contractor finished performing rock grade surface improvements and forming and pouring concrete sidewalks.
Next week: The contractor will place interlocking pavers on the southeast side of Healdsburg Avenue, by Rockpile Winery, Shoffeitt’s, Healdsburg Tap Room, and Twisst.

Vine St. Surface Improvements
This week: A subcontractor finished forming and pouring concrete sidewalks.

Striping, Pavement Markers & Signage
This week: The contractor is raising iron to finish grade – this will continue into next week. Raising iron means to bring valves and manhole lids to the surface of the roadway so they can be accessed.  During final paving, the contractor paves over the tops to provide a nice smooth road surface.
Next week:
– Welding all of the interiors on the sewer manholes to make them water-tight.
– Install permanent signage; this will continue into the following week.

This week and into next week: A subcontractor will complete the installation of the irrigation system and improve and prep the soil for planting.