June 1, 2018

Welcome to summer. Here are two of the big takeaways this week:

  • A temporary sign providing street directions (e.g. E. Mill, Vine, etc.) has been placed south of the roundabout for north-bound traffic on Healdsburg Ave.

  • Workers are placing decorative pavers and lithocrete in multiple portions of sidewalk in the roundabout area – especially on Healdsburg Avenue south of the roundabout. These new additions will provide a more aesthetic entrance into Healdsburg. Now, onto the rest of the update:

Southwest Surface Improvements (S. Healdsburg Ave.)
This week:

  • Place interlocking pavers – this work will continue through most of next week.
  • Place stone veneer on the west side of the stone wall – this work will also continue into next week

Next week:

  • Place lithocrete A and B.
  • Build stone wall “B” – this work will continue into the week of June 11.
  • Install irrigation and top soil – this work will continue into the week of June 11.

Northwest Surface Improvements (Healdsburg Ave.)
Next week: Sub-contractor to install irrigation system – this work will continue into the week of June 11.

East Mill St. Surface Improvements
This week: Installed 4-ft metal fence.
Week of June 11: Sub-contractor to install irrigation system.

Roundabout Construction
This week: Finish truck apron.
Next week: Backfill area with topsoil.
Week of June 11: Place cobble through the circle; the cobble represents a dry stream path.

Southeast Surface Improvements (S. Healdsburg Ave.)
This week:

  • Completed demolition of old pavement to prep for the installation of curb, gutter and sidewalk in this area.
  • Sub-graded and rock-graded curb and gutter.
  • Staked stone wall
  • Installed storm-drain curb inlet 4 top to external drop inlet

Next week:

  • Form and pour bus pad.
  • Form, pour and strip pervious and standard curb and gutter areas
  • Form footing and install rebar for stone wall

Week of June 11: Install CMU and place stone veneer on stone wall

Vine Street Improvements
Next week: Demolish old curb, gutter and sidewalk.
Week of June 11:

  • Excavate area and place structural soil.
  • Grade curb and gutter.