March 30, 2018

We’re making a good amount of headway into roundabout construction. We have four big takeaways this week:

  • West Mill Driveway Work: Next Monday, April 2, Bay Cities will grade, place base rock, and concrete the driveway and pedestrian approach on West Mill. Please note that the contractor will work on half of the driveway at a time so cars can still use it to access Parish Café, Elephant in the Room, Mill Street Antiques, and Luminate Spa. Bay Cities will do the first half of this work on Monday, April 2, and the last half on or around Monday, April 9. The concrete needs time to properly cure, so the driveway will be fully open around April 16.
  • Road Excavation on East Mill: The contractor will excavate a portion of East Mill, from Center Street to the driveway, on Monday and Tuesday, April 2 and 3. This work is to prep the road for new road installation (hot-mix asphalt) on April 4. The HMA will smooth and help “finish” the road for vehicular traffic.
  • East Mill opening early-mid April: We are scheduled to open East Mill to vehicular traffic in early-mid April, likely around April 9. Note that while the cars can access East Mill once we open this street, there will be intermittent closures as Bay Cities continues and completes construction and road work later into the year. However, these intermittent closures won’t last for more than one day at a time. We know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time, so we appreciate your patience.
  • Traffic pattern switching to circular access: As work progresses, on or about April 5, we will be able to switch from the current 4-way stop traffic pattern back to the roundabout circular access. If plans change, we will let you know ASAP.

Now, on to the rest of the construction update:

Southwest Surface Improvements
Next week:

  • Back-fill grade beams
  • Place and compact aggregate base rock at hardscape areas
  • Grade, place base rock, and concrete driveway and pedestrian approaches

Northwest Surface Improvements
This week:

  • Conducted compaction test of aggregate base rock at hardscape areas
  • Conducted compaction test of baserock of pervious and standard curb and gutter areas
  • Form, pour and strip pervious and standard curb and gutter areas

Next week:

  • Start forming and pouring concrete paving areas

East Mill Surface Improvements
This week:

  • Demolish curb, gutter and sidewalk, then subgrade and rock-grade road
  • Place and compact aggregate baserock at hardscape areas
  • Place baserock in pervious and standard curb and gutter areas

Next week:

  • Form, pour and strip pervious and standard curb and gutter areas
  • Excavate road and prep for hot-mix asphalt (HMA)
  • Traffic switching from 4-way stop back to roundabout circular access

Roundabout Circle Construction
This week and next week:

  • Sawcut roundabout