April 6, 2018

The big takeaways this week:

Rain and more rain: The rain this week and next is delaying some construction work; the contractor is trying to keep the dirt areas dry, so it won’t open up more areas. That way, Bay Cities can start work as soon as possible after the rains cease.

East Mill Now Open: Bay Cities excavated the temporary road pavement and installed the first layer of permanent asphalt, so East Mill St. is now open one way for eastbound traffic.

Traffic Pattern Switch: The traffic pattern has been switched back to circular access – no more 4-way stop. This pattern will remain for the duration of construction.

Sidewalks: The contractor is pouring the new sidewalk on South Healdsburg Avenue down to Singletree, in front of Parish Cafe on West Mill, on Healdsburg Avenue near the Chamber onto Vine, as well as on East Mill. In the coming weeks, after Bay Cities does more work, pedestrians will have better access to these areas.

Now onto the rest of the construction update:

Southwest Surface Improvements (South Healdsburg Avenue and West Mill)

  • Backfilled grade beams. This work is being extended into next week.

Next week:

  • Place and compact aggregate base at hardscape areas
  • Place base rock and concrete at driveways and pedestrian approaches
  • The following week, form and pour concrete paving areas, including sidewalks!

Northwest Surface Improvements (Healdsburg Avenue) between Vine and Healdsburg Ave North
Next week:

  • Form and pour concrete paving areas, including sidewalks!

East Mill St. Surface Improvements

  • Formed, poured and stripped standard curb and gutter and sidewalk areas!
  • Placed base lift for hot-mix asphalt (HMA)
  • Switched traffic pattern back to circular access

Roundabout Construction
Next week:

  • Remove old pavement within the circle, weather pemitting
  • Sub-grade and rock-grade roundabout perimeter