April 20, 2018

The weather has been cooperating of late, and we continue to make good progress on roundabout construction. The two big takeaways this week:

  • Sidewalks are getting installed for pedestrian access; this includes between Vine and Healdsburg Ave (a sidewalk route that never previously existed for the City), plus the rail trail now connects to Mill Street East. In the coming weeks, sidewalks on South Healdsburg Avenue to Singletree will also be installed.
  • A subcontractor will start to install the irrigation system and top soil in several areas around the roundabout to prep for greenery planting.

And now on to the rest of the roundabout construction update:

Southwest Surface Improvements
Week of April 30:

  • Form, pour and strip pervious curb and gutter areas
  • Form and pour concrete paving areas, including sidewalks, down to Singletree CafĂ©

Northwest Surface Improvements
This week:

  • Installing irrigation system and top soil; this work is scheduled through April 30
  • Placing stone veneer on decorative walls; this work is scheduled through April 25

East Mill Surface Improvements
This week:

  • Formed and poured concrete paving areas, completed this week
  • Install irrigation system and top soil; this work is scheduled through May 4

Next week and week of April 30:

  • Place stone veneer on decorative walls

Roundabout Construction
This week:

  • Finished removal of old pavement within the circle
  • Sub-graded and rock-graded roundabout perimeter
  • Form and pour 36-inch concrete curb and gutter; this work is scheduled through April 24
  • Excavate for stone wall

Next week:

  • Form and our 6-inch concrete curb

Week of April 30:

  • Install roundabout truck apron, which allows large trucks and other vehicles to drive around the roundabout