March 2, 2018

The big takeaways this week:

  • Rail installation is going very smoothly and on-schedule!
  • The contractor, H&H, will start work on the second half of the railway line next week. This work will continue through the end of March. Starting next Wednesday, there will be a minor adjustment to the traffic control pattern, but the four-way stop remains in place.
  • Currently, the 10-day weather forecast calls for rain. Depending on the amount of rainfall, some scheduled construction work may be delayed.

Railroad Construction

  • This  work is being done in two stages. Stage I occurred this week and Stage II is scheduled for the week of March 16.

o   Excavate to grade
o   Place geotextile fabric and ballast
o   Install perforated pipe
o   Install communication & signal conduits
o   Install concrete panel crossings
o   Install timber crossties
o   Install rail

  • Construct track – this stage is scheduled to be completed next week (week of March 5)
  • Perform patch paving

Next week:

  • Begin installation of traffic control. This is currently scheduled for March 12.

Southwest Surface Improvements

  • Placed and compacted aggregate base rock at hardscape areas
  • Graded S. Healdsburg driveway into Parish Café/Sonoma Cider and pedestrian approaches
  • Modified irrigation chases

Next week:

  • Form, pour and strip pervious and standard curb and gutter areas
  • Excavate, form and pour grade beams. This work is scheduled to continue through March 16.

Northwest Surface Improvements

  • Removed water valve and installed flange

East Mill Surface Improvements

  • Finished subgrade at hardscape areas
  • Install blocks for decorative stone wall. This will continue next week.

Next week:

  • Form, pour pervious and standard curb and gutter areas
  • Pave gutter section up to railroad