February 9, 2018

The good weather we’ve been having lately means that there have been no interruptions to the construction work schedule. For example, you’ll see that Bay Cities is starting to form and pour the sidewalks, curb and gutter:

We’ll provide more photos next week as work progresses.

Here in Healdsburg: Skip and Holly Brand, Healdsburg Running Company

 The Healdsburg Running Company is the focus of our latest story in our “Here in Healdsburg” narrative series on local-business owners. Check out the story: http://bit.ly/2EywOMK and on Instagram via @CityofHealdsburg.

Now, onto our latest update:

Northwest Surface Improvements (N. Healdsburg Ave)
-Sub-graded curb, gutter and sidewalk [insert photo] – Rock-grade curb, gutter and concrete paving
– Start forming and pouring concrete paving

Next week:

  • Install blocks for stone wall
  • Start forming and pouring standard curb and pervious concrete
West Mill Underground/Surface Improvements
  • Sub-grade for concrete paving, curb and gutter
  • Rock-grade concrete paving, curb and gutter
  • Form and pour concrete paving, curb and gutter – this will finish next week
Southwest Surface Improvements (S. Healdsburg Ave)
  • Sub-graded pavers, concrete paving, curb and gutter
Next week:
  • Install debris-catchment basins (Vine, West Mill, Healdsburg Ave)
  • Form and pour concrete paving – Healdsburg Ave to West Mill
East Mill Surface Improvements
  • Sub-graded sidewalk and roadway
  • Placed base rock
  • Formed and poured curb, gutter and sidewalk. This will be completed next week.
  • Form and pour driveway. This will be done half at a time; it will be completed next week.
Next week and the week after:
  • Roadway excavation from the driveway of Pacific Union Realty to Center St.