February 23, 2018

The big takeaway this week: The traffic pattern at the roundabout will change starting at 7 a.m. on Monday, February 26, from “yield to traffic within the circle” to a 4-way stop. This traffic plan will be in place for several weeks to allow contractor H&H to lay railroad cross-ties, rails, and other rail work from south of the roundabout to within the roundabout — this is a huge milestone. In late March, the traffic plan will again change to allow workers to lay track from within the circle to north of the roundabout. We will give you an update on the next traffic plan once it’s finalized. For more information, read the news release: http://bit.ly/2FmhH7l

Our latest “Here in Healdsburg” story … features Charles Bell, owner of the the Wurst restaurant, which is a favorite among many of you. Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/2oxVR90

Here’s the latest construction update:

Railroad Construction

Over the next few weeks:

  • Install traffic control
  • Excavate area to grade
  • Place geotextile fabric and ballast
  • Install perforated drain pipe
  • Sub-contractor Summit to install communication and signal conduits
  • Install timber crossties
  • Construct and lay track
  • Install concrete panel crossings
  • Perform patch paving
  • Install railroad equipment

Southwest Surface Improvements

  • Installed blocks for stone wall
  • Began placing/compacting aggregate base rock at hardscape areas. This work is scheduled to finish on Tuesday, Feb. 27
  • Form, pourand strip pervious/standard curb and gutter areas
  • Place concrete at driveway next to Illuminate Spa and pedestrian approach

Next week:

  • Start forming and pouring concrete in sidewalk areas

Northwest Surface Improvements

  • Placed and compacted aggregate base rock at hardscape area – this is near the Chamber
  • Excavated and graded pervious/standard curb and gutter areas
  • Placed base rock in pervious/standard curb and gutter areas

Next week:

  • Form, pour and strip pervious and standard curb and gutter areas
  • Form and pour concrete sidewalk areas

East Mill St. Surface Improvements
Next week:

  • Install blocks for stone walls