February 16, 2018

A few things of note this week in addition to the construction update:

– Tomorrow (Saturday), a Bay Cities contractor will be installing blocks for the decorative stone wall along S. Healdsburg Avenue. This work won’t be in the road, so there won’t be any traffic disruption.
–  Next week, as part of the electric-undergrounding project, City Electric crews will be saw-cutting on West Mill. The week after, they will start digging trenches in preparation of installing electric utilities underground. Crews will do their best to mitigate any traffic disruption.

Southwest Surface Improvements

  • Installed storm water catchment basins
  • Formed, poured and stripped pervious concrete and standard curb and gutter areas
  • Graded Parish/Mill Antiques driveway and pedestrian approaches

Next week:

  • This Saturday (tomorrow), subcontractor Amato will start installing blocks for the stone wall along South Healdsburg Avenue. This work is scheduled to finish Feb. 20. No road closure will be needed and the driveway into Parish Café, Sonoma Cider, etc., will not be blocked.
  • Form and pour concrete paving areas – this is on West Mill along Parish Café.

Northwest Surface Improvements

  • Finished sub-grading at hardscape areas – hardscape refers to the elements in landscape design such as stones, rocks, sidewalks, driveways, and gates.
  • Installed storm water debris catchment basin

Next week:

  • Start installing blocks for stone wall
  • Place and compact aggregate base rock, which is made of crushed concrete, at hardscape areas
  • Form, pour and strip pervious concrete and standard curb and gutter areas

East Mill Street Surface Improvements,

  • Finished sub-grading in roadway
  • Placed and compacted aggregate base rock. This is scheduled to finish Feb. 20

Railroad Construction: Starting next week, Bay Cities and subcontractors will begin installing traffic controls, excavating to grade, and other necessary work to install the railroad tracks across Healdsburg Ave.