November 13, 2017


North of Healdsburg Ave Underground Improvements

  • Installed storm-drain manhole #2 (south from Chamber of Commerce)
  • Installed 15-inch reinforced concrete pipe from manhole #2 towards the Chamber Building where storm drain curb inlet 5 is being installed; this will be finished on Monday, Nov. 6.

Next Week (Nov. 6-10)

  • Install storm drain curb inlet 5 (these are entryways into the storm drain system)

North West Surface Improvements (this is by Chamber of Commerce)

Next Week (Nov. 6-10)

  • Clear all vegetation for upcoming site work
  • ​Demolish curb, gutter and sidewalk

East Mill Street Underground/Surface Improvements

  • Finished sewer installation and re-connected fire hydrant 4 (across from Spoke Folk)
  • Installed storm-drain curb inlet 8 (next to driveway to Valdez Tasting Room)
  • Installed 15-inch reinforced pipe for storm drain across East Mill from curb inlet 8 to connect to system
  • Demolished curb, gutter and sidewalk

Next Week (Nov. 6-10)

  • Clear and prep for sidewalk reconstruction
  • Landscape sub-contractor Takehara to install underground irrigation sleeves

24-inch sewer line from Center of Roundabout to Vine Street

  • Installed 24-inch sewer line from vault to receiving pit (which connects the pipe that was constructed below Foss Creek)

Next Week (Nov. 6-10)

  • Install 24-inch sewer line from sending pit to sewer manhole 9 (in front of Exchange Bank) on Vine

Southwest Surface Improvements – Healdsburg Ave

  • Excavated and installed bio-retention material by the old gas station for better filtration of rain water, oils, and other materials

Next Week (Nov. 6-10)

  • Survey wall footings and elevations in preparation for installation of low stone wall, and re-survey curb, gutter, and sidewalk
  • Landscape sub-contractor Takehara to install irrigation sleeves
  • Excavate wall footings to prep for stone wall foundation and installation
  • Sub-contractor RE Maher to build stone wall foundation

Signage Update

  • The City and GHD erected seven signs over the past weekend. Three big green signs (of which one was back-to-back) at Center & Matheson and on the lot near Parish Café by the roundabout.
  • Four smaller green signs (back-to-back) for Barndiva, Valdez Winery, Shoffeit’s, and Spoke Folk
  • There are three more green signs that will go up in the next few days- they promote Selby Winery and a couple of other merchants; the City is also working on creating a sign for Luminate Skin Boutique

Here are a couple of examples: