November 9, 2017

Utility Underground Work on Mill Street –  Starting next week, the City, along with AT&T and Comcast, will begin removing overhead electric and telecommunications utilities along Healdsburg Avenue and Mill Street. This work will remove visual clutter and improve street aesthetics, as well as promote safer pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular traffic. First order of business: Workers will remove an electric pole in front of E&M, and there will be some street trenching as well. I’ve handed or dropped off flyers to the businesses and residences on or near East Mill; if you’d like a flyer or more info, let me know.

Acronym Cheat Sheet: These construction updates will feature acronyms that may confusing:
SDCI: storm-drain curb inlet
SDMH: storm-drain manhole
SDDI: storm-drain drop inlet
SSMH: sewer manhole

North of Healdsburg Ave/West Mill Underground Improvements

  • Installed 15-inch reinforced concrete pipe from storm-drain manhole to storm drain curb inlet (SDCI) 12, near Exchange Bank.
  • Tested the construction of the storm drain by videoing (CCTV) storm-drain manhole 2 (SDMH 2) to SDCI 5 and box culvert to SDCI 8 to verify construction was constructed correctly.

Next Week (Nov. 13-17)

  • Install 18-inch reinforced concrete pipe from SDMH 2 to SDCI 6.
  • Install 6-inch and 18-inch reinforced concrete pipe to storm-drain drop inlet (SDDI) 7.

North West Surface Improvements (this is by Chamber of Commerce)

  • Surveyed and cleared area of vegetation for upcoming site work.
  • Subcontractor Takehara will install irrigation chases this Friday, November 10.

Next Week (Nov. 13-17)

  • Demolish curb, gutter and sidewalk. This work was originally scheduled this week, but was put on hold so Bay Cities could create a pedestrian plan.
  • Excavate structure footings for stone wall. The foundation of this wall is scheduled to be built the week of Nov. 20.

East Mill Street Underground/Surface Improvements

  • Subcontractor Breljie & Race (B&R) surveyed curb, gutter, sidewalk, and driveway.
  • Demolished curb, gutter and sidewalk to prepare for new installation of curb, gutter, sidewalk.
  • Subcontractor Takehara installed irrigation sleeves in this area.
  • For the relocation of the overhead utilities to underground, the City’s contractor, Staggs Construction, walked the area of roundabout in preparation of beginning work next week.

Next Week (Nov. 13-17)

  • Sub-grade curb, gutter, and sidewalk; this schedule may get compromised by the Electric Dept. Underground Utility District project starting in this area, weather permitting.
  •  Install base rock.
  • Form and pour new curb, gutter and sidewalk.
  • Underground Utility District contractor, Staggs Construction will mobilize into the area in preparation of underground utility project.
  • Staggs Construction will begin work in the area planning to stay ahead of Bay Cities schedule related to curb and gutter work (weather dependent).

Note: In the week of November 20, Bay Cities will form and pour the new driveway for the parking lot for Valdez and Pacific Union Real Estate. This work is scheduled to take two days. The driveway will be replaced in halves, so access will be available but will be tight.

24-inch sewer line from Center of Roundabout to Vine Street

  • Installed 24-inch sewer line from vault to receiving pit.
  • Bay Cities will start to install 24-inch sewer line tomorrow (Friday) from sending pit to sewer manhole (SSMH) 9; this is in front of Exchange Bank. This should complete deep sewer construction.

Next Week (Nov. 13-17)

  • Video (CCTV) sewer line from vault to SSMH 9.

Southwest Surface Improvements – Healdsburg Ave

  • Subcontractor B&R will surveyed wall footings and elevations for low stone wall to be built in front of Luminate Skin Boutique to Parish Café.

Next Week (Nov. 13-17)

  • Subcontractor Takehara to install irrigation sleeves.
  •  Bay Cities to excavate wall footings.
  • Staggs Construction will begin work in the area planning to stay ahead of Bay Cities schedule related to curb and gutter work (weather dependent).