November 22, 2017

North of Healdsburg Ave./West Mill Underground Improvements
Last Week: Worked on installing 15-inch reinforced concrete pipe from storm-drain manhole to storm-drain curb inlet 12.

This week: Stake and saw-cut 18-inch reinforced concrete pipe from sewer-drain manhole 2 to storm-drain curb inlet 6.

Northwest Surface Improvements
Last week: Rain delayed the work of surveying area for installation of stone walls. In addition, contractor is waiting to hear from City’s landscape architect on wall elevation.

East Mill St. Underground/Surface Improvements
Next week:

  • Sub-grade curb, gutter and sidewalk. This work had been delayed a week due to rain.
  • The work of forming and pouring the driveway for Valdez Winery and the neighboring business, as well as some roadway excavation, has been delayed by rain and we are now waiting for an updated schedule from Bay Cities.

24-inch sewer line from Center of Roundabout to Vine Street
Last week:

  • Working on the excavation and installation of the 24-inch sewer line from sending pit to existing sewer manhole 9.
  • Subcontractor Viking removed dewatering wells on Vine St.

Next week:

  • Air-test from vault to sewer manhole 9 – this is to ensure that the sewer lines are properly sealed.
  • Remove the sewer bypass, including two large pumps across from Exchange Bank and large black pipe along the surface.

Southwest Surface Improvements – Healdsburg Ave

This week: Removed concrete sidewalk, gutter, bus pad near Singletree restaurant.

Next week:

  • Subcontractor Takehara to install irrigation sleeves. This work was delayed a week due to rain.
  • The work to excavate wall footings and build a stone wall foundation that was scheduled for this week and next week is pending due to a design conflict.