January 5, 2018

Happy New Year! One of the big takeaways this week is the tie-in of the water line on South Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg Avenue, and East Mill. This work — which entails a 2-6 hour water turn-off —  may begin late next week, but  that’s still TBD.

There are a lot of steps in this process, which includes conducting bacteria testing, so while we don’t have exact dates today, we’ll be able to provide more information on Monday. We’ll provide at least 48 hours notice before the water tie-in work commences and will try to schedule this work at times that are less busy for merchants, such as overnight

Underground utility work on West Mill: Parallel with roundabout construction, Staggs Construction, a contractor for the City, will be digging next week (January 8-12) near the driveway entrance to the businesses on West Mill. This work is part of the Underground Utility District project, which removes overhead electric and telecommunications utilities along Healdsburg Avenue and Mill Street. Next week’s dig will be in the street/sidewalk area and should not impact vehicular access to these businesses, which have already been notified. In the event of rain, this work may be delayed until we get better weather conditions.

And now on to the rest of the construction update …

Abandonment of Old Sewer Utilities

  • This week, Bay Cities prepared the old sewer lines for abandonment now that the new sewer lines have been installed.

Northwest Surface Improvements (primarily in front of the Chamber of Commerce)
This week:

  • The contractor is finishing the sub-grading of the curb, gutter, sidewalk and walkway (place aggregate base and set the bottom to grade so concrete can be placed). This work may be extended if we get more rain.
  • Excavated the wall footings.
  • A subcontractor is scheduled to build the foundation of a stone wall – this may be delayed due to rain.
  • A subcontractor installed irrigation chases.

Next week:

  • Place a layer of rocky soil on existing soil — this is part of installation process for curb, gutter, and concrete sidewalks
  • Form and pour concrete paving

West Mill Underground & Surface Improvements

 Next week:

  • Prepare the existing soil for concrete paving, curb, and gutter
  • Layer existing soil with a rocky soil in preparation for concrete paving, curb, and gutter

12-in Water Line on Healdsburg Avenue (North Healdsburg Ave. East Mill, South Healdsburg Avenue)

This week:

  • Start conducting bacteria test of water line

Late next week and following week:

  • If the bacteriological testing is negative for the water, the contractor will tie in the water line in three places: 206 Healdsburg Avenue, East Mill, and South Healdsburg Avenue, in front of Singletree. This work will temporarily stop water service for 2-4 hours. We will be dropping by businesses with information on when and how long this work will take place once we confirm dates. Some of this work will take place overnight. We will provide more information on Monday (January 8), after further discussion with Bay Cities; we will give at least 48 hours notice before this tie-in work starts.

Southwest Surface Improvements (from West Mill south to Singletree on South Healdsburg Ave)
This week:

  • Leveled existing soil for sidewalk pavers, concrete paving, and curb
  • Excavated the footings for a decorative stone wall
  • Build stone wall foundation

Next week: Tie in water line on Tuesday morning, January 16 (see above) and rock-grade South Healdsburg Avenue.

East Mill Street Surface Improvements
This week:

  • Removed temporary pavement (weather dependent) and closed Mill Street to vehicular traffic
  • Excavated wall footings on the north side of the street, then install stone wall foundation

Next week:

  • Place base rock on existing soil
  • Subcontractor to form and pour curb, gutter and sidewalk

Week of January 15:

  • Subcontractor to form and pour the driveway for Pacific Union Real Estate – this will be done over two days, half of the driveway at a time, so cars can still enter and exit via the driveway.