January 12, 2018

The work on the water-line tie-ins on North and South Healdsburg Avenue and East Mill is going so well that we don’t need to shut off water for merchants on North Healdsburg Avenue, as earlier projected. We verified an inline water valve just north of the North Healdsburg tie-in location and due to its location, we don’t need to shut off water. The North Healdsburg tie-in work will be done next Wednesday during regular business hours.

In addition, yesterday (Jan. 11), we tied in the water line on East Mill. We temporarily stopped water for a few hours for Spoke Folk, who were notified earlier of this stoppage. Next Tuesday is the water tie-in work for South Healdsburg Avenue, which is estimated to take about an hour.

City staff dropped by businesses who will be affected, including Parish Café and Singletree, and asked GHD and Bay Cities to start the work as early as 7 a.m. to avoid too much disruption to merchants.

Underground utility work on West Mill to begin Jan. 15: Parallel with roundabout construction, Staggs Construction (contractor) will dig next week (January 15-19) near the driveway entrance to the businesses on West Mill for utility improvements called for in the Underground Utility District (UUD) project. This work was initially scheduled for this week, but rain put this work on hold.

The UUD project removes overhead electric and telecommunications utilities along Healdsburg Avenue and Mill Street. This operation will be in the street/sidewalk area and should not impact vehicular access to these businesses, which have already been notified of this work. In the event of rain, this work may be delayed until we get better weather conditions.

January 17 BAG meeting: The next business-advisory group (BAG) meeting is next Wednesday, January 17, at 9 a.m. It will be held at the Chamber of Commerce, 217 Healdsburg Ave.

And now on to the rest of the construction update …

Abandonment of Old Sewer Utilities

  • Bay Cities prepared the old sewer lines for abandonment now that the new sewer lines have been installed. This was scheduled for last week, but rain delayed this work.

Week of Jan. 22: The schedule calls for abandoning the water and sewer lines – this is a process in which the contractor empties the pipeline contents, plugs the ends with grout, filling the interior of the pipe with a cement-like slurry.

Northwest Surface Improvements (primarily in front of the Chamber of Commerce)

  • Because of rain, the contractor is still finishing the sub-grading of the curb, gutter, sidewalk and walkway (place aggregate base and set the bottom to grade so concrete can be placed). This work may be extended further depending on the weather.
  • Begin installing the foundation for a stone wall. This work is scheduled to finish next week, but rain is predicted.

Next week: Some of this work was delayed due to rain earlier in the week.

  • Rock-grade curb, gutter, and concrete sidewalks
  • Form and pour concrete paving
  • Subgrade/rock-grade curb and gutter

West Mill Underground & Surface Improvements

  • A subcontractor (Takehara) installed irrigation chases on the south side of West Mill

 Next week: The work below was delayed due to contractor coordination with the Underground Utility District.

  • Sub-grade for concrete paving, curb, and gutter
  • Rock-grade concrete paving, curb, and gutter

Week of Jan. 22: Form and pour concrete paving, curb and gutter
12-in Water Line on Healdsburg Avenue (North Healdsburg Ave. East Mill, South Healdsburg Avenue)

  • The bacteriological testing passed, so this week, the contractor tied in the water line on West Mill.

Next week:

  • Next Tuesday morning, Bay Cities will tie in the water line on South Healdsburg Avenue. We will temporarily shut off the water for about an hour; Bay Cities and the City have notified affected merchants.
  • Next Wednesday, Bay Cities will tie in North Healdsburg Avenue. No water shut-off will occur.

Southwest Surface Improvements (from West Mill south to Singletree on South Healdsburg Ave)

  • Excavated the footings for a decorative stone wall
  • Build stone wall foundation

Next week: This work depends on weather conditions

  • Because of rain, the work to subgrade for pavers, concrete paving, and curb will begin when soil conditions improve.
  • Rock-grade South Healdsburg Avenue.
  • Start forming and pouring concrete paving from Healdsburg Avenue to West Mill.

    East Mill Street Surface Improvements
    Next week:

  • Due to rain and wet soil conditions, the contractor has to wait until next week (Jan. 15) to remove the temporary paving on Mill Street and closing it to vehicular traffic
  • Subgrade curb, gutter, sidewalk and roadway
  • Place base rock

Week of Jan. 22

  • Subcontractor to form and pour the driveway for Pacific Union – this will be done over three days, half of the driveway at a time. The drive way will have a steel plate so cars can still enter and exit via the driveway.
  • Excavate roadway.