December 21, 2017

Here’s an update on roundabout construction as well as merchants’ request for festive decorations in/near the roundabout.

If you read nothing else in this newsletter, read this: Bay Cities will remove the temporary road paving on Mill Street on January 2 and will close the street to vehicular traffic through the end of January, and perhaps longer if the weather is not cooperating. 

Now, on to holiday lighting …

Lighting on trees: A City Parks & Rec crew worked late last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and were out again this week to wrap lighting around the trees on both sides of Healdsburg Ave. They installed solar LED string lights since there isn’t an available power source at the trees.

Projector with holiday images: The City installed a projector lamp on the south side of the Chamber building to display holiday images at night. Thank you to our Electric Department for getting the power turned on at the Chamber site. However, this projector got vandalized earlier this week, so Parks & Rec re-installed the projector and is now keeping an eye on this lighting.

Holiday-Themed Truck: Now that Bay Cities has staked the area next to the Chamber for bio-retention and other landscaping, parking a holiday-decorated truck or artwork in this area isn’t feasible —  there isn’t a suitable location without losing parking spots. Once construction is complete, the City may review the site again to determine whether we can install public art in this area.

Winter event to draw people to Healdsburg Avenue: If merchants would like to have a community event on Healdsburg Avenue in 2018, our Community Services Department requests that merchants decide soon in order to start the planning process.

And here’s the latest construction update:
Utility Underground Project:
(Note: This is a City-led project to remove overhead electric utilities and install them underground to make the area more visibly appealing and safer.)

Toward the end of this week and next, Staggs Construction will be working in the northern portions of the roundabout. Primarily, they will be installing conduit for street and pathway lighting. The work will require saw cutting and trenching (next Tuesday) across Healdsburg Ave near Shoffeitt’s.  From there, the contractor will trench across the Chamber park area, across Vine, and then across West Mill Street.  As with any construction schedule, this will flex and change along with the timelines of other planned work.

Abandonment of Old Sewer & Water Utilities (is this on Vine Street?)

  • Now that the new water/sewer lines have been installed, Bay Cities is preparing the old sewer and water lines for abandonment – they will finish this work early next week.

Vine Street Underground Improvements

  • Installed 15-inch concrete pipe from storm-drain curb inlet 10 to storm-drain curb inlet 11
  • Install storm-drain curb inlet 11

Northwest Surface Improvements (primarily in front of the Chamber of Commerce)

  • Demolished the curb, gutter, sidewalk and fence on the corner between the Chamber and Curb inlet 10 on Vine, and prep area for bioretention – a process in which contaminants and sediment are removed from storm water run-off.
  • Subgraded the curb, gutter, sidewalk and walkway (place aggregate base and set the bottom to grade so concrete can be placed) – this will be finished the early part of next week.

Next week:

  •  Excavate foundation wall footings
  • Install irrigation chases
  • Rock-grade curb, gutter, and concrete paving

West Mill Underground & Surface Improvements

  •  Repaired communications conduits and excavation. This was in front of Parish Café and Elephant in the Room bar – this is now complete
  • Capped the water line Near the entrance off of W Mill
  • Demolished pavement where bio-retention areas are located
  • Laid out bio retention– these are landscape elements that remove silt and pollution out of surface runoff water.

 Next week:

  • Install south-side irrigation chases
  • Sub-grade for concrete paving, curb, and gutter

12-in Water Line on Healdsburg Avenue 

  •  Excavated and installed 12-in water line up to point-of-connections
  • Pressure-tested water line
  • Conducted bacteria test of water line

After the first of the new year:

  • Tie in water line to water system
  • Conduct bacteria test of water line

Southwest Surface Improvements (from West Mill south to Singletree on South Healdsburg Ave)

  • Prepared the sub-grade for pavers, concrete paving, and curb
  • Excavated the footings for a decorative stone wall

Next week:

  • Install stone wall foundation

East Mill Street Surface Improvements
Next week:

  • Excavate wall footings on the north side of the street, then install stone wall foundation

First week of January:

  • From January 2 through end of January, weather permitting, Bay Cities will close Mill Street to traffic to continue construction work. Bay Cities will remove temporary road paving on January 2, then start sub-grading the roadway, curb, gutter, and sidewalk.