December 15, 2017

Healdsburg Ave Underground Improvements

  • Installed 15-in sewer line from curb inlet 6 to storm Drain Manhole 2 – this is now complete
  • Installed 8-in polythene pipes from curb inlet 6 to storm-drain drop inlet 102 – this is now complete
  • Installing 8-in polythene pipes from storm-drain drop inlet 1 to storm-drain drop inlet 2

Next week:

  • Finish installing 8-in polythene pipes from storm-drain drop inlet 1 to storm-drain drop inlet 2
  • Prep to abandon old water and sewer lines

Vine Street Underground Improvements

  • Removed sewer bypass B-1 and modify traffic control plans – big milestone; this is now complete

Next week:

  • Installed 15-inch concrete pipe from storm-drain curb inlet 10 to storm-drain curb inlet 11
  • Install storm-drain curb inlet 11

Northwest Surface Improvements (primarily in front of the Chamber of Commerce)
Next week:

  • Demolish the curb, gutter, sidewalk and fence on the corner between the Chamber and Curb inlet 10 on Vine, and prep area for bioretention – a process in which contaminants and sediment are removed from storm water run-off.
  • Subgrade the curb, gutter, sidewalk and walkway (place aggregate base and set the bottom to grade so concrete can be placed)

West Mill Underground & Surface Improvements

  • Excavated and installed 15-in concrete pipe from storm 12 to storm-drain curb inlet 7 and to storm drain drop inlet 3 – this should be completed by the end of today

Next week:

  • Repair communications conduits and excavation. This will be in front of Parish Café and Elephant in the Room bar
  • Cap the water line Near the entrance off of W Mill
  • Demolish pavement where bio-retention areas are located
  • Lay out bio retention– these are landscape elements that remove silt and pollution out of surface runoff water.