December 1, 2017

In light of merchant concerns about the closure of East Mill Street during the holiday season, Bay Cities paved East Mill and as of late this afternoon, is now open! Please note, however, that we must close East Mill again early next year so Bay Cities can continue key construction work.

Here are two photos taken earlier today of the temporary paving work:

Construction update – if you read nothing else in this newsletter, here are the two big takeaways:

  • Mill Street is open (albeit temporarily)
  • There will be night work for two nights — Dec. 13-14, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. — on North Healdsburg Avenue (just north of the roundabout) to install a water line

North of Healdsburg Ave/West Mill Underground Improvements

  • Installed 15-in reinforced concrete pipe from storm-drain manhole to storm-drain curb inlet 12
  • Re-staked and re-sawcut 18-in reinforced concrete pipe from storm drain manhole 2 to storm-drain curb inlet 6

Next week:

  • Install 18-in reinforced concrete pipe from storm-drain manhole 2 to sewer-drain curb inlet 6.  This is in front of Shoffeitts.
  • Install storm drain curb inlet 6 and 18-in reinforced concrete pipe to storm drain drop inlet 7. This is for drainage along the new planting area.
  • Install 8-in storm-drain pipe, storm drain drop inlets 1 and 2

Week of December 11th

  • Night work: Install 12-in water line to  point of connection with casing This will be done between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. over Dec. 13-14.

East Mill Street Underground/Surface Improvements
East Mill will open temporarily by this evening. Bay Cities is installing temporary pavement for 2-way access on East Mill to the roundabout and beyond. Note that at some point early next year, East Mill will be closed again so Bay Cities can construct the roadway.

Bay Cities will be working on the sidewalk improvements in this area until the roadway closure starts, so traffic control or one-way traffic will be in place at times during working hours.

24-inch sewer line from Center of Roundabout to Vine Street
Installed 24-in sewer line from sending pit to existing sewer manhole 9.

Next week:

  • Video from vault to sewer manhole 9 to test the installation of the pipe was done properly
  • Air-test from vault to sewer manhole 9 on Vine Street
  • Remove Bypass B-1, which was pumping the sewer coming down Vine Street, or 90 percent of the City’s entire flow. This will be a big milestone.

15-in reinforced concrete pipe sewer drain on Vine Street
 Next week and the week after: Install pipe from storm-drain curb inlet 10 to  storm-drain curb inlet 11

Southwest Surface Improvements – Healdsburg Ave.
Excavated and installed sewer manhole 2 to sewer manhole 5. This is for a future connection to the NuForest development, so the street won’t have to be cut again for sewer installation.
Next week: Video and air-test from sewer manhole 2 to sewer manhole 5 to test the installation of the pipe was done properly.