Traffic flowing in temporary roundabout

By Ray Holley, Managing Editor
Photo by Ray Holley

City hopes to keep traffic flowing as construction intensifies on 5-way intersection project Aug 24, 2016

On Tuesday morning, trucks, cars and bicycles were going in circles at the southern entrance to downtown Healdsburg.

A temporary traffic roundabout has been added to the five-way intersection of Mill Street, Vine Street and Healdsburg Avenue.

“It’s working pretty good,” said Brent Salmi, the city’s Public Works Director. “Once in a while we have to close it for a few minutes to move construction equipment and it backs up, but then it starts moving again.”

Salmi said the temporary roundabout, a circle of orange barrels and flagging, should allow traffic to flow throughout the construction project, a complex, $10 million-plus effort that is scheduled to be complete late in 2017.

Salmi said the circle dimensions may change during the project to accommodate underground construction. “We know it’s a bit of a learning curve for people, but this will allow us to keep everything open.”