City will keep 5-way intersection open during construction

By Ray Holley, Healdsburg Tribune, Managing Editor

The southern entrance to downtown Healdsburg will be even busier than usual for the next 16 months.

A large public works project begins next month, which includes replacing a century-old creek culvert, placing utilities under ground, improving pedestrian access and building a roundabout in the five-way intersection of Mill Street, Vine Street and Healdsburg Avenue.

Responding to neighboring merchant concerns over possible street closures, the City Council approved a $10.3 million contract with Bay Cities Paving & Grading that includes keeping the intersection open while work proceeds in segments.

City officials will work with the contractor to explore ways to accelerate the project, which is expected to begin next month.

The Tribune will publish a map of the work in the next few weeks and will periodically publish construction schedule updates.