On Sunday, April 9th, the expected temporary closure of the south side roundabout closure, happened one day early due to a 50 year+ old pipe which collapsed. As a result, temporary pipe had to be run on the road surface across the southern side of the roundabout, resulting in an early closure. The anticipated work of replacing the aging sewer system is now underway on the south side of the roundabout, but has been significantly delayed due to weather. Please proceed with caution through the temporarily modified roundabout and new vehicular reconfiguration or find alternate routes.

Vehicular reconfiguration includes:

*Vehicles entering the interim roundabout southbound on Healdsburg Ave., can access Vine Street, westbound Mill Street, but must exit southbound on Healdsburg Ave.

*Vehicles entering the interim roundabout southbound on Vine Street, can access westbound Mill Street, but must exit southbound on Healdsburg Ave.

*Vehicles entering the interim roundabout eastbound on Mill Street, must exit southbound on Healdsburg Ave. To access downtown Healdsburg or the north side of Healdsburg, please use Kinley Lane to Dry Creek Road.

*Vehicles entering the interim roundabout westbound on Mill Street, can access northbound Healdsburg Ave, Vine Street, Mill Street, and southbound Healdsburg Ave, but will not be able to make a complete circle.

See rendering below for reconfiguration and detour map. Click here to download rendering.

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The Five-Way Intersection at Mill Street/Healdsburg Ave/Vine Street has been converted from an all stop intersection to an interim roundabout. A combination of paving marking, Interim Roundabout Picsignage and barricades have been installed to direct traffic flow. This will allow all lanes to remain open as construction moves into the next phase of excavation for the box culvert. See rendering below.

Large tractor trailers, RV’s and trucks will not be able to navigate the circle due to size limitations, and are advised to find alternate routes. All other vehicles should drive with caution through the intersection during this transition. Click here for a TRUCK RE-ROUTE MAP.


Click here to download rendering of the INTERIM ROUNDABOUT

Healdsburg Avenue Improvements is a multi-faceted engineering and urban design effort to improve the visual, pedestrian and vehicular experience for residents and visitors entering Healdsburg from the Highway 101.   The project scope covers four separate, but interconnected projects.  The area benefitting from this effort centers on Healdsburg Avenue, starting at Exchange Avenue and continuing north through the existing five-way intersection (Healdsburg Avenue, Mill Street and Vine Street).

Key to this project is improving the five way intersection – pedestrian safety and access, vehicular capacity (largely afternoon traffic turning west onto Mill Street) and resolving complicated signalization requirements of the future SMART train. After studying several alternatives during the CHAP process, a roundabout was deemed to be the most appropriate solution. Based on this conclusion, the CHAP process established a set of Roundabout Guiding Principles to inform the future design and engineering of the roundabout.

See rendering below of completed Healdsburg Avenue Improvements. Click here to download RENDERING AND PROJECT DETAILS POSTCARD.

HAI Postcard_Page_1

Implementing the Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan